February 2012

How to Use That Leftover Easter Ham

Since I usually cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, I tend to lean toward ham for Easter. I usually have a decent amount of ham leftover, probably because I prepare a large amount in fear that I will run out. This past year I decided to use the leftover ham to make a delicious egg dish.

First, I prepare my vegetables. I cut up a small onion and half of a green pepper. You can use red peppers as well if you have one on hand. Then, I add a tablespoon of butter to my frying pan and begin cooking the vegetables for about six to eight minutes.

Faberge Easter Egg

There are many different types of eggs that you can make during the Easter holiday. When my daughter was studying Russian culture, she took the time to make her very own Faberge egg.

In order to make your own Faberge egg, you’ll need to empty the egg of its contents. You can do this by poking a hole in each vertical end of an uncooked egg. Blow through the top hole so that the contents come pouring out the bottom. You may want to do this over a bowl or a trash can. I prefer to drizzle some water through the holes to clean the inside of the egg out, but this is not necessary.

Top 10 Easter Basket Trinkets

I don’t think much of filling a basket full of candy for a child. I’d much rather add trinkets that the kids will find amusing. These trinkets can have educational value, meet a need, or just offer some good old-fashioned fun.

1. An Easter Story Book: I love to purchase an age-appropriate Easter story book for each of my girls. I stick with resurrection stories, but you can always purchase a story about the Easter bunny if you wish.

2. Bunny Slipper Socks: It’s still cold in southern New Jersey at Easter time. Since we wear our slipper socks on a regular basis, I go on the hunt for some bunny slipper socks. Of course, if you live in a warmer climate you’ll want to shop for just a thin pair of socks that is covered in bunnies.

3. Easter Pencils: I usually pick-up a pack of Easter pencils from Oriental Trading Post, but you can get them at any department store or Dollar Store. For some reason we always seem to be short on pencils and pens so this makes for a good trinket to add to the basket.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

There are many creative ways to make an Easter Bunny, but younger children may have a hard time with some of them. That is why I decided to share our paper plate Easter Bunny craft. It is simple enough for tiny hands to put together, and makes a great decoration whether it is hung from a doorknob, or placed on a refrigerator with a magnet.