November 2011

Too Much Candy

For several years in a row I followed the norm and filled my children’s Easter baskets with candy. When I noticed year after year that we still had candy at Halloween that was leftover from Easter, I knew we had to cut back. That is when I decided to fill my kids’ baskets with trinkets instead.

Homemade Easter Egg Dye

Dying Easter eggs with your children is a must. Spending money, however, on dye kits is not. Creating your own homemade Easter egg dye isn’t hard, and won’t take to much extra time to do. Plus, your kids will have fun in the process, in addition to learning how to utilize the resources that surround them.

Before you begin creating your own dye, boil your eggs for 15 minutes in a large pot. I give my kids each a dozen eggs to color, but you may want to use more or less depending on how many eggs you have available.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

One of my favorite things to do at Easter is to make a few crafts with my kids. This year we made an Easter bunny out of a dyed Easter egg.

You will need the following supplies to make your Easter bunny egg:

1 dyed egg for each crafter
Cotton balls
Pom poms
Googly eyes
Heart-shaped sticker
Construction paper