Pass the Doily From the Left-Hand Side

Pass the Doily From the Left-Hand Side

Spring Craft Shows Offer Easy Gifts and Local Support

Whether you’re seeking some homemade candles, a huggable handcrafted toy or two, or just something made with absolute love and care, spring craft shows are the places to go. Unlike fall craft shows, which are usually held outdoors in the Midwest, spring craft shows often take place inside high schools, YMCAs, or other local centers in order to protect patrons from falling rain. This also allows patrons a place to safely browse without worrying about dropping a wallet or money outside, or having a gust of wind whisk it away.

This weekend, Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, MO is one of many schools hosting a spring craft show. My best friend will be there helping out, and she tells me that it’s a wonderful place to get little surprises for the perfect Easter basket. It’s also the perfect place, she points out, to simply wander around and browse during a rainy weekend, checking out each vendor’s wares in a more personal version of window shopping. These can also be fun events for girls’ days out, or for the whole family to enjoy.

The candles are always my favorite craft show attraction. There are two local candle makers that I happen to love very much. One of them, Harvest Glow, even has a website. They both create natural soy candles that smell better than any other I’ve ever encountered, and they burn for longer as well. We buy them in mason jars; my aunt buys them by the box! Although they tend to be more expensive, they are well worth the price.

When you attend a spring craft show, be sure to bring a few totes along to carry any purchases you might make. While some sellers may have bags or boxes available for you, others may not. You might also want to be sure to have cash on you since many do not take checks, either. Be sure to take any business cards of sellers that you really like; they may have stores on websites such as Etsy as well.

Something else to keep in mind is that many of these events help support local school programs like choir and drama. While it would be nice if these programs could get as much funding as the sports teams, if you can donate please do so. These arts programs are integral for the kids—and who knows? Maybe they will grow up to have their own local small businesses.