How to Use That Leftover Easter Ham

How to Use That Leftover Easter Ham

Since I usually cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, I tend to lean toward ham for Easter. I usually have a decent amount of ham leftover, probably because I prepare a large amount in fear that I will run out. This past year I decided to use the leftover ham to make a delicious egg dish.

First, I prepare my vegetables. I cut up a small onion and half of a green pepper. You can use red peppers as well if you have one on hand. Then, I add a tablespoon of butter to my frying pan and begin cooking the vegetables for about six to eight minutes.

Next, I prepare my eggs in a large bowl. I use a dozen eggs, a splash of milk, and a little pepper. I don’t add salt because the ham is already salty. If I left this recipe up to my sister, she’d add garlic powder. According to her, everything should have garlic powder in it. If you want to add garlic powder, feel free.

Now you can take your leftover ham and chop it up into bite sized pieces. I tend to use between 6 and 8 ounces of ham for this recipe. Toss the ham into the pan with the vegetables. Let the ham heat up. It should only take about one to two minutes.

Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan. Cook until the eggs become fluffy. As soon as this happens, sprinkle 2 ounces of cheddar cheese and 2 ounces of Monterey jack cheese over the top. Remove the pan from the heat and wait for the cheese to melt. Serve while hot.