Homemade Easter Decorations

Homemade Easter Decorations

It is important to me that I spend time with my kids while they are young. One way to create good memories is to lead the kids in crafts. Easter is a great excuse to make crafts together. One thing we like to do is make our own Easter decorations.

The first thing we do is cover the kitchen table with several layers of newspaper (we are messy). If the kids don’t put on a set of clothing that I don’t care about, then I will make them wear art smocks.

Next, we cut Easter shapes out of white poster board. They can cut the egg shapes out themselves, but I’ll help with other shapes, such as a bunny, basket, and a cross. Then we outline the shape with permanent markers. For example, the egg may have a design on it that can be outlined, or we would outline the features of the bunny’s face, etc.

When I think of Easter, I think of light colors. That is why I provide my children with watercolor paints. They paint inside the outline to give each decoration color. Then we set the decorations aside to dry.

I have a small laminator to laminate the Easter decorations to make them last longer than one season. I use it only after the decorations have completely dried. If you don’t have a laminator, you can get your decorations laminated at stores like Staples or Office Depot. Please note that they do charge a small fee for this service.

Finally, we punch a hole in the top of each decoration and thread some yarn through it. Then we can hang the decorations around the house. The kids like to see them hang from the ceiling fan, but you can put them anywhere.