Faberge Easter Egg

Faberge Easter Egg

There are many different types of eggs that you can make during the Easter holiday. When my daughter was studying Russian culture, she took the time to make her very own Faberge egg.

In order to make your own Faberge egg, you’ll need to empty the egg of its contents. You can do this by poking a hole in each vertical end of an uncooked egg. Blow through the top hole so that the contents come pouring out the bottom. You may want to do this over a bowl or a trash can. I prefer to drizzle some water through the holes to clean the inside of the egg out, but this is not necessary.

Paint your egg and then wait for it to dry. I prefer using a gold color, but you can use any color you desire. Some children even choose to use a few different colors to create their Faberge egg base.

Next, you will need to decorate your egg like the Russians did. This means attaching fake jewels and using glitter. Beads, lace, and sequins can also be used to create that special look. I simply use white school glue to attach these items, but you can use decoupage glue if you want.

Create a small stand to place your egg on, and display it within your home. You can cut a section out of an egg carton and use that if you wish. You can also sew a small pillow to rest the egg on. Even stores like Wal-mart sell fabric, and you can choose cloth that compliments the color of your Faberge egg.