Easter Egg Tree: A Craft for Kids

Easter Egg Tree: A Craft for Kids

Dyeing Easter eggs is fun, but it can get quite messy. If you want to provide a fun craft for your kids that doesn’t require getting food coloring all over the place, you can guide them in making an Easter egg tree.

Lay one large piece of poster board on the table and draw a big tree on it. You can create the outline and then have the kids color the tree in. They may also wish to add grass around the try, or color the sky blue. Of course, if the kids are older, they may wish to draw the tree themselves.

Next, the children need to cut egg shapes out of different colored sheets of construction paper. These represent dyed Easter eggs. Children can further decorate the eggs by drawing patterns on the eggs, or by writing their names on the eggs. You can also give the kids some scrap fabric to cut up and glue on the eggs. Each egg should be unique.

Finally, the children can glue each of the Easter eggs on to the tree to create an Easter egg tree. You may even want to have the kids glue a few eggs around the bottom of the tree to give the appearance that they fell off the tree.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way for the children to decorate the eggs. They should also be encouraged to decorate the tree with the eggs in any fashion they choose. As long as they are having fun, the craft is a success.