Easter Bunny Potato

Easter Bunny Potato

Sometimes the best crafts are the ones you create while improvising. I found an Easter Bunny craft that was made out of Play-Doh. Unfortunately, the Play-Doh we had was old and dried out. That is when I took stock of my resources and decided to use a potato.

Keep in mind that potatoes will eventually begin to sprout and go bad. Using a potato to create an Easter Bunny is a temporary craft. I take great pleasure in creating memories with my girls, which is why we do so many crafts together.

To begin you’ll need to cover your kitchen table with several sheets of newspaper. Place your potato on the newspaper and then paint it white with tempera paint. Let the paint dry before continuing.

Next, you’ll need to give the bunny two front teeth. I found white chicklets work best as teeth. You can glue them on, or use vanilla frosting. After the teeth, you’ll need to add a nose. I used half of a black olive to do this. Make sure you wipe all the olive juice off first, or it won’t stick to the potato. A set of googly eyes will do to finish off the Easter Bunny’s face.

Finish your Easter Bunny by giving it a set of bunny ears. I used a baby carrot. Just cut the baby carrot in half and glue one half to the top left side of the potato, and the other half to the top right side of the potato. Wait for the glue to dry before making the potato Easter Bunny your dining room table centerpiece.